Giant Loop KTM Passenger Handle Removal Spacer Kit (4 Pack)


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By removing the large passenger handles on the KTM 790/1090/1190/1290 Adventure models and installing spacers in their place to secure the tail rack, Giant Loop’s Great Basin Saddlebag, Coyote Saddlebag, MoJavi Saddlebag and Siskiyou Panniers fit these motorcycles like they were designed specifically for them.

These black anodised aluminium spacers take the place of the KTM 790/1090/1190/1290’s passenger handles, giving the factory tail rack a tidy, clean profile.

With passenger handles removed, the Siskiyou Panniers sit in the optimal position — panniers lids level with the top of the seat, not drooping over the sides. The Siskiyou Panniers’ cross-over section can be adjusted to its minimum width.

The Siskiyou Panniers mount in the usual way, per GL’s instructions included with the Panniers: The two side anchor straps secure to the passenger footrest mounts, and two anchor straps attach the D-rings on the tail of the Panniers to the stock tail rack. We like to use 16 — Pronghorn Straps as our anchors, as they are quick, easy and super secure.

By securing the Siskiyou Panniers — wheel-side daisy chains to the stock KTM luggage mounts and drawing forward tension with the side anchor straps, the Panniers become solidly locked into position. Supported by the stock luggage mounts in multiple locations.

For even more stability, add another connection between the wheel-side daisy chain and the super-burly exhaust hanger.